kim min hong
Thank you for visiting our homepage. Our homepage is newly constructed and has many shortcomings which we will improve over and over. We are looking forward to your kind forgiveness.

We are the manufacturer of biochemicals based in Korea that attract attentions as health ingredients for its physiological functions.

Our products are well accepted from our customers worldwide in terms of quality and the consistency.

The enzyme technology is our core competence which is very efficient and environmentally friendly. Our facilities were designed to accommodate the new technologies and flexible manufacturing.

Conscious to the needs of customers, we have open minds to new products and services. Recently we stroke deal with Chonbuk University to license-in Lactobacillus (patent pending) that has a high potency of GABA production.

Loyal to our mission, “health and beauty”, we remain to be creative and be faithful to our customers.

Thank you.
Mason Kim / CEO

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